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Millipore rios 16 reverse osmosis system water purifier

RiOs systems produce Type III, laboratory-grade pure water at a constant flow rate. Systems are fed directly with potable tap water and combine complementary purification technologies in a compact system design that is easy to operate, reliable, and allows total control over the water produced at a low operating cost.
* Feedwater for humidifiers, autoclaves, washing machines
* Feedwater for Milli-Q ultrapure water systems
* Easy-to-install (plug and use concept) prefiltration pack unit includes three types of purification media
* Self-maintenance of the reverse osmosis membrane
* Advanced reverse osmosis technology with high recovery loop reduces water consumption by more than 50%
* Constant product flow rate
* All system functions are accessible from a user-friendly keypad and displayed on backlit screen
* Water Needs: 160 to 320 L per day
* Flow Rate: 16 ( 15%) L/h
* Height: 45.7 (18) cm (in.)
* Width: 25.5 (10) cm (in.)
* Depth: 31.5 (12.4) cm (in.)
* Operating Weight: 15 (33) kg (lb)
This unit has the following efficiency:
* Contaminant: Rejection, Passage
* Microorganism: = 99 %, = 1
The filtration pack currently installed in the machine needs to be replaced.